Bio-One of Sacramento decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Police Car Decontamination

Police officers complete some of the most difficult tasks imaginable. Cleaning up biohazardous waste should not be one of them. Through their day-to-day activities, patrol officers regularly encounter bacterial threats at crime scenes. Blood, body fluids, narcotics and dangerous chemicals carry unseen pathogens that linger on surfaces for weeks. While officers do not interact with these substances like crime scene investigators or biohazard cleanup crews do, they frequently process suspected criminals and witnesses who may be contaminated. These biohazardous materials may be difficult to detect, especially in the chaotic aftermath of a crime scene. Traces of blood, saliva or fentanyl on someone’s clothes may not affect an officer directly, but bacterial agents stay on upholstery in patrol cars long after a suspect has been processed. Violence and unsanitary behavior by jail inmates creates the same problem for correctional officers. Letting these biohazardous materials fester in holding cells exacerbates the threat to authorities and prisoners alike. Trying to clean them without the right chemicals and equipment prolongs it. Both of these situations demand a comprehensive decontamination solution. Fortunately, Bio-One partners with local law enforcement to disinfect patrol cars and jail cells nationwide.

Each job that Bio-One completes is unique. But we’ve been in the business long enough to know that cleaning a vehicle is difficult no matter how much training you have. It’s cramped, restrictive and difficult to reach certain areas. Furthermore, porous materials in the vehicle soak up and retain bacteria long after they are exposed to chemicals and bodily substances, leaving officers and passengers vulnerable to infection. Unfortunately, materials saturated with bio-waste are difficult to clean with over-the-counter solutions. To diminish the risk of spreading disease through bloodborne pathogens, powerful chemicals are needed to disinfect the vehicle. We hire experts in biohazard remediation to thoroughly restore cruisers, transport vehicles, riot vans and K9 patrol cars so you don’t have to. We’ll dissemble and replace vehicle components that have been affected by biohazardous waste and target invisible pathogens that may have been left behind by a contaminated suspect. Our process also eliminates stubborn odors and removes signs of visible waste, like vomit or blood spills.

Bio-One will do the same for holding cells in jails and prisons, which can become hotbeds for infectious pathogens if proper deep cleaning techniques are not employed. Superbugs like MRSA and Escherichia are known to spread in confined spaces, especially where people share living quarters. A disease outbreak puts prisoners and correctional officers at risk and threatens the reputation of the entire facility. We’ll make sure that cells tarnished by vomiting, blood spills, urination, defecation and saliva are purged of pathogens. But we also handle suicide and homicide cleanup when they occur. We’ll remove materials affected by the incident and properly decontaminate the cell for future use.

Police work doesn’t need to be any more challenging than it already is. Contact Bio-One if you need to restore your patrol car or refurbish a holding cell in your facility, and we’ll remove the problem within a 24-hour window. We are on standby all night, every day of the year, to address your unique situation.